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Amazon Web Services | Config


May 2022 - May 2023

New York City, New York

At Amazon, I was a member of AWS Config's Ingestion team. As a part of our Service Consolidation effort, I deprecated a monolithic legacy service handling 350 million daily requests by incrementally rerouting traffic to our new pathway which consisted of microservices with modern infrastructure patterns. The deprecation of this service resulted in a 52% reduction of the weekly on-call ticket volume, relieving a significant amount of stress for our on-call engineers.

Other significant contributions of mine include two tools I wrote to automate processes. The first being a database migration script which utilized multithreading and parallelism to move 21 million records across 24 regions simultaneously in 6 hours, a vast improvement from the previous 12-day turnaround time. Even though the intention of the script was originally to be used as a one-time migration action, I saw how it could help us with continuity issues between our release environments. I ultimately was able to use the core logic of this migration tool to build the infrastructure for self-healing databases where we synced from Prod backwards through our environments up to Dev. This helped the environments be a much more 'real-world' example for testing as well as improved our team's ability to catch bugs before being released to Production.


The second tool was a bulk deletion script for residual artifacts left behind after our integration test run. Before, when our integration test suite ran, if a test failed, the stack it created failed to delete. During the next run, the existence of this residual stack guaranteed the failure of that same test and thus another residual stack, and so on until an engineer was able to log into the Console and manually delete each one by hand. It was tedious cleanup and too often we would log in to see 200+ stacks needing deletion, each action requiring 4 individual button clicks. My script removed the need for any of this effort and was eventually incorporated into a daily cronjob that helped greatly improve our integration testing as a whole.

Bloomberg, LP


November 2021 - November 2022

New York City, New York

At Bloomberg, I bridged the gap between two closely related teams working in the Entitlement Monitoring and Reporting department of the Bloomberg Terminal. My duties primarily consisted of leading a migration effort of porting the functionality of legacy C++ services into modernized Python services. I communicated between the back-end and front-end teams to ensure uninterrupted availability of our endpoints to our adopters as these improvements were deployed into production. My migrated services always had significantly improved test coverage and error rates, and I always strove to eliminate code smells and increase readability.

International Business Machines


March 2021 - November 2021

New York City, New York

As a full stack developer, I worked on a team that was the core of many essential internal assets utilized daily by hundreds of thousands of IBM employees. I independently designed, developed, and deployed my own gRPC services with REST API interfacing into production, as well as paired with team members to manage the CI/CD pipeline of our other services. I was involved in every step in the process from designing the business logic, testing, rolling out updates, networking, authentication, data migration, and sunsetting legacy services. Part of my role also included serving an on-call rotation to monitor and triage failures, ensuring the safety and availability of our 33 services and 22 host machines.


Additionally, I joined an invention circle and filed my first patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark office within the first year and a half of my career. I enjoyed the process of brainstorming, refining, presenting, and defending an invention so much that I shared my experience with my core team. With their interest piqued, I spearheaded a second patenting initiative to involve these colleagues in the invention process. I lead a weekly collaborative session that took my team's vague — but inspired — brainstormings and produced an invention disclosure document to present to an Intellectual Property committee over the course of 6 weeks. As of September 2021, we are in the queue awaiting our opportunity to present the disclosure for our invention to a committee and receive a determination of its viability as a patent.


December 2019 - March 2021

Austin, Texas

While working in this technical software consulting role, I built and deployed enterprise-level cloud solutions to help clients migrate their existing systems into the cloud. I was involved in the pre-sales process, designing and developing Proof Of Concepts for a wide variety of client business scenarios, across many industries. I excelled at API design, development, and lifecycle management, as well as the integration of these APIs into message queues and event broker schemas. My work in this area has been on multiple cloud platforms such as IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure, and others. I have been involved with delivering solutions in the cloud on the Red Hat Openshift Container Platform and utilized Docker, Kubernetes, and Kafka.



May 2020 - Present

Austin, Texas

I independently designed and developed fully responsive and mobile-friendly websites for local businesses. My solutions include online invoicing systems with digital credit and debit card transactions enabled, Search Engine Optimization and Google Indexing, as well as visitor analytics and reports.

Biomedical Engineering Labs @ The University of Houston

Summer Research Assistant

May 2019 - August 2019

Houston, Texas

Using Python (SKLearn, NumPy, Pandas), I extrapolated data from a limited set of research trials on live subjects into a simulated set of trials, expanding 50 into thousands. This allowed us to utilize supervised and unsupervised learning techniques on our data without tiring the subjects or skewing our findings. Our lab was focused on the reward complex and dopamine mapping during reaching and grasping tasks of a robotic arm operated by a non-human primate.

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